We are proud to announce that the Division 2 European Championship 2019 will be held from Thursday 30th of May to Sunday 2nd of June at the Heegermeer in Friesland (The Netherlands) and will be hosted by WaterSportvereniging Heeg.

Information about the Notice of Race and the entry form can be found at the website of the International Windsurfing Association (IWA):

  1. Notice of race
  2. Entry form and race information
  3. Registrations
  4. Sailing Instructions
  5. Notice to competitors 1, Appendix B
  6. Notice to competitors 2, Schedule
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Looking back

Looking back at a great (long) weekend with windsurfers and officials from all over the world we announce the winners Petros Katsareos from Greece in

No races Thursday

Too much wind has been keeping the fleet ashore, this afternoon we decided to cancel. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Announcement D2EC 2019

The 2019 Division 2 European Championships will be held form 29th May to 2nd June at lake Heegermeer in Friesland, the Netherlands, and will be organi

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Final results

Final results after 11 races: